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About us

Easydive is a company founded by Fabio Benvenuti in year 2000, specialized in the production of equipments for underwater videography and photography. In these yearsof activity, thanks to the innovative contribution brought to its field, Easydive has become a leading manufacturer of underwater housings for Reflex (DSLR), Mirrorless Cameras, Video Cameras, Smartphones and Tablets.

Easydive is the only company in the world able to develop and manufacture Universal Housings
compatible with more than 100 different DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras models, Smartphones and Tablets.

The customer who buys an Easydive Leo housing, has the advantage of not having to change the housing when buying a new DSLR Camera.

The equipment upgrade is simply done by running a fast electronic update. This implies an easier attitude to the purchase of new cameras by the customer, seen the lower budget necessary for the underwater equipment.

Thanks to the innovative and original character of its products, Easydive is the only company in the world to guarantee all its housings up to -150 meters. 

This is possible thanks to the use of electronic remote controls which, in addition to ensuring compatibility with different camera models, are not influenced by the higher pressure during operation (while mechanical buttons stop working to a certain depth). This implies a particular attention to Easydive products by technical divers who use to make deep dives over -100 meters.

The high reliability and robustness of the materials (anticorodal aluminum anodized 50 microns) allow Easydive to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all its housings, guaranteeing, even after years of use, a forefront equipmen, potentially compatible with all the latest camera models available on the market.

 also produces underwater lighting systems at the highest level. Only Bridgelux Certificated LED are used to ensure an excellent color rendering. The latest product released in the market, the new Revolution 15000, is a very small and lightweight underwater light, practically impossible to flood.

Easydive has collaborated for several years with the Italian Navy, becoming official supplier of the Palombari Special Forces (Comsubin). This collaboration has also been extended to the Police State Divers Forces, Fire Brigade, Port Authority and Finance Guard who choose Easydive housings for their trainings just for the easy use of the equipments.

In year 2008 Easydive had a key role for the documentation of the world depth record at 238 meters, providing n.3 housings complete with lighting systems. The record was made in Italy in the “Battello Milano” wreck placed at Lago Maggiore. To achieve this incredible depth,Easydive was forced to modify its internal test systems, moving the test limit from -200 meters up to -260 mt. This shows how Easydive is able to improve and upgrade its products, in order to meet customers' objectives.

In 2011 Easydive delivered a housing for DSLR camera to the Australian Oceanographic Institute, tested at -300 meters. This housing has been mounted on an ROV with the purpose to take underwater pictures in high definition at abyssal depths.

This commitment, which is burdensome but fundamental, makes it possible to maintain direct sales throughout the world of Easydive products, without the use of commercial intermediaries.

In 2019 Easydive supplied a Leo3 WI Housing, to be placed on a Submarine, to allow to control a 4K Camera from inside the passenger compartment. For this goal, it was necessary to test a Leo3 WI at a depth of -450 meters, breaking a new record with regard the pressure seal for an underwater housing.

Since several years Easydive participates at the most important exibitions of the underwater field all over Europe (The Eudi Show in Italy, Le Salon de la Plongée in France, The Dive Show in England and the Boot in Germany). It is also present at the international Dema Show (USA) and Adex Singapore fairs.

This huge but vital feat allows the worldwide direct sale of Easydive products, without using commercial intermediaries.

This direct approach also allows a Commercial and Technical Assistance service customized for each client, according to the high quality of the products.

 is a young and dynamic company, in step with the times and ready to implement innovative solutions in the field of underwater photography and videography. The company mission is to go on to invest in products, opening new markets and continuing to maintain the high prestige and quality that always have characterized company Easydive.

Fabio Benvenuti


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