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Easydive Warranty

Easydive Warranty

In order to obtain always the maximum safety and reliability, Easydive subjects his products to rigorous quality controls using sophisticated means and the experience gained over the years.
Thanks to these prerogatives Easydive is able to guarantee the absence of defects in the manufacturing of these products and certify the absolute quality with a "Easydive Warranty".

"Easydive Warranty" Terms
To benefit from the warranty offered by Easydive to its clients on all the underwater housings it is necessary to follow an annual maintenance at Easydive Head Quarters and have completed and stamped the attached service form within the year of the last stamped service date.Warranty does not cover damages due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures or sunlight, accidents (knocks, falls, damages to cables, etc.) or natural (fires, disasters etc.)Warranty is also void if the equipment is used in an improper or incorrect manner, or anyway in a manner which does not conform to what stated in the User & Maintenance Manual, or if the owner has personally carried out modifications or repairs, or if these operations have been carried out by non authorized personnel using non original parts.Are excluded from the warranty the component parts that are not directly manufactured by Easydive (led, batteries, chargers, beams, etc).Easydive declines every responsibility related to accidental damages to the user caused by improper use of the equipment. Warranty does not imply in anyway cover for damages direct or indirect of any nature to people or property.In the event your Easydive product fails due to material or workmanship within the warranty period, Easydive will repair or replace the product at no charge to you, including return shipment. Easydive will inspect and pressure test returned housings to verify failure mode and warranty coverage determination.

Validity of the guarantee
To take advantage of the guarantee that EasyDive offers all underwater housings, it is necessary to perform maintenance at the EasyDive headquarters annually. Our technicians will position a new signed Stiker who will certify the maintenance.

Non warranty services

For any non-warranty service, you will be advised as to repair costs prior to any work being done.The estimate if required, is free. The time for repairs is 60 (sixty) days.The cost for external interventions of our technical staff will include: call fees, hourly rate, cost per kilometer and/or moving expenses.


Easydive reserves the right to make modifications and change specifications and its parts without notice. We will make sure to give notice of any variations via web/email.


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