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Respect the Ocean

We care about the sea and its life. To a continuous technical research, so that its spaces and its inhabitants can be better revealed also through our underwater photography and video recording equipment, we place a constant focus on materials, so that they are the least polluting and the most environmentally friendly as possible.

Ours is a business choice: to producing fewer housings but of higher quality, able to adapt over time, last and be eco-sustainable, so that you can dive in crystal clear waters full of life, not in floating plastic islands. Discover our #respectheocean vocation.

Aluminum vs Plastic

In the underwater housing sector there is no specific recycling program for the plastic that is used to make them: it can only be disposed into the unsorted waste. When you want to change your underwater photographic or video equipment, or your housing is worn, you end up producing a non-recyclable waste.

Our aluminum housings have significant advantages over plastic:

• They are more solid and resistant

• The quality of the material is greater

• Aluminum is recyclable

Universal housing vs dedicated housing

A dedicated underwater housing is compatible with a single camera or videocamera, whose life cycle on the market is about 2 years. With our universal underwater housings you can change the adapter, update the recognition firmware and continue to using the same housing you bought for your previous equipment, without any problem. Finally, our post-sales assistance is always at your disposal for any need.

Quality product vs "disposable" product

The "disposable philosophy" is partly responsible for the current pollution of the seas.

Our philosophy is to reduce the impact by eliminating the production of waste. Our aluminum housings are high quality products, meant to last (even a lifetime), like the handicraft products of the past. You can change camera model as often as you want, without having to buy every time another housing.

Savings vs LowCost

Choosing the cheapest product is not always the winning choice. Choosing a high quality product that is sustainable from an environmental point of view, adaptable and reusable, may appear to be a major expense, but turns out to be a saving in a short time. Low cost is never cheap, neither for your pockets nor for the environment.

Some examples?

In the oceans there are several Floating Plastic Islands. The Pacific Trash Vortex, also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is as big as Texas. It was formed because the man continues to dump its waste into rivers and the sea.

How does Easydive contribute not to increase this ecological disaster?

A plastic housing, comparable to ours, weighs approximately 2.5 kg. To produce 2.5 kg of plastic you need to use about 5 kg of petroleum, without considering the CO2 emissions during processing. A camera is estimated to become obsolete after 2-3 years. The technology advances fast, even in terms of the required resolution of images and videos. In 10 years, on average, a photographer will purchase 3-4 cameras, whose housings will eventually generate approximately 7 to 8 kg of waste.

With Easydive, you save and produce no waste: instead of 4 successive purchases, you make only 1 initially, but high quality.

We manufacture a product that will never become a non-recyclable waste. Contribute to plastic free beaches and oceans: buy an Easydive housing.


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