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2020 - Revmote and Revolution New Series

2020 - Revmote and Revolution New Series

"Revmote is the app that allows you to configure and control your Revolution underwater lights, simply through your smartphone. Please download the application, enable bluetooth and pair your Revolution lights. With Revmote you can:

Enable or disable the “fly mode” option.

With this function you can prevent your Revolution from turning on by rotate the knob. With active “fly mode” you can therefore travel safely with your Revolution in your bag. The lamp will only turn on by disabling the option by the app, it is an additional safety mode that Easydive technicians have wanted to implement. Activating the “fly mode” function, it will be like removing the power cable from the battery, but only by clicking on your smartphone.

Rename your Revolution.

Through the application it is possible to customize the name of your Revolution (e.g. Rev Left, Rev Right, or Revolution 1, Revolution 2 etc ...), in this way you can configure and control more than one Revolution at a time, easily distinguishing them.

Set the intensity of continuous light.

It is possible to decide which Intensity to associate with each knob position of your Revolution. You can therefore set the desired intensity in position 1 (knob rotated 45 °) (e.g. 10%), in position 2 (knob rotated 90 °) a second intensity (e.g. 50%), and in position 3 ( Knob Rotated by 135 °) a third intensity (e.g. 100%). in this way, you can decide which intensity to have for each position.

Enable the strobe function.

Using your Revolution with an Easydive Leo3 Smart or Carbonarm Diveshot universal housings, the strobe synchronization function is active. For the first time in the world you can take beautiful photos with your smartphone in diving, using the flash light instead of the continuous light. Revmote allows you to enable the strobe option on one or more knob positions. The app will ask you to set the minimum intensity (the continuous light that allows a more effective focus), and the maximum Intensity of the flash lightning (which is activated when you take the photo). In this way, when you dive, the Revolution will be like an external strobe. Option compatible only with Easydive / Carbonarm housings.

The Revolution lamp was designed in 2008 and is the result of the experience gained by our technicians and the collaboration with professionals in the video and underwater photo sector.

Since then we have never stopped updating, year after year, the technology and potential of this led lamp. With the Last upgrade (battery, new electronic board and firmware), you can use the Revmote app to control and configure the illuminators. Contact us at info@easydive.it to upgrade your Revolution (small series and / or large series). You can also take advantage of the new powers available, 7000 lumens for the small series and 21000 lumens for the large series."



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