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I have been diving since my teenage years, and I am still as passionate about diving as I was when I first started. Through my diving career I have had the opportunity to dive in a wide variety of locations around the world. I am a TDI and IART Instructor Trainer. A PADI Master instructor, IART instructor, IANTD Rebreather Technical Instructor, CCR Cave Instructor and ITDA technical instructor. I have a passion for teaching and for photography, but also like to work on expeditions to both unknown wrecks and caves, some of which are at great depths and in extreme locations. For a number of years now I have been the diving safety officer for the University of Malta and Underwater Cultural Heritage Malta, which gives me the opportunity to dive and work on wrecks that have never been seen or photographed before.

Why chose Easydive

I first started to look at the Easydive system after having repeated floods with other brands of housings. The ability of being able to upgrade the camera without having to upgrade the housing made perfect sense to me. As my work takes me to locations where permits to dive are applied for years in advance and only having a very short window of opportunity to take the perfect shot, I need a system I can rely on. Many of the wrecks and caves are in the 100-150m range and with the Easydive Housings you have no buttons that go through the housing, so the risk for potentials leaks is reduced. I have also found that their customer services is 2nd to none and can even help when you have a specific task in hand and require their help to make it happen. For example the intervalometer for taking photos for 3D photogrammetry.

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