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ITALY Mirko Mirabella


I grew up in Siracusa considering the possibility of staying in close contact with places of unspoilt nature, rich in history and charm. I moved to Bologna where I still live to start my university career. A telecommunications engineering graduate, I have always had an interest in the technological innovations that led me to work on various projects in the fields of Smart City, Green Technology and Computer Vision. The love for the sea pushed me from an early age to practice underwater activities, and it is the same passion and the desire to make known the beauties of our seas that motivated me to develop one of my greatest passions: Photography. As with all passions, we always look for ways to improve, to grow, to experiment, with the desire to get that shot that conveys emotions, beauty and harmony. The nature photography of the early years allowed me to expand the skills and abilities techniques tackling new forms of photographic themes with a broader range of experiences. For some years I have approached the world of video filming and editing, with the aim of transmitting images with a high emotional and expressive character to the widest possible audience, always remaining tied to all those experiences made in the photographic field.

Why chose Easydive

I have been following Easydive for several years now, admiring the capacity for innovation and technological development that it manages to bring forward in all its products. Always one step ahead. The real spark for me came with the LEO3 Wi, in my opinion a product that will have no equal for a long time, technology, beauty in form and practicality, all available to cameras that I think will represent the future of photography and video production , the Mirrorless. My Leo3 Wi today allows me to house the two Sony cameras I use inside, maintaining the full compatibility and interchangeability of the two camera bodies. With this case I have the ability to fully access the functionality of my cameras, operate within the articulated menu during dives with a truly unique speed and simplicity. In this way, the case has become the central point of my photographic equipment, postponing the absolute reliability and practicality of use in water.

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Leo3 Wi

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