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ITALY Marco Salino


I was born in Rome, Italy, where my father introduced me to photography, with a second-hand Nikon F3, while I was still a kid. During the following years Photography lost a bit of focus due to studies and work until about 10 years ago, shortly after my addiction to scuba diving started. My academic and professional backgrounds are in Mechanical Engineering but for the past ten years I have been working in the Infrastructure Design software industry with Bentley Systems Int. For the last five years I have been Product Manager for 3D modelling, Visualization and BIM integration for our Flaghsip product, MicroStation. I have been living in Dublin, Ireland, since 2004, where my passion for underwater photography started. After completing my first two certifications in the warm waters of Gozo and swearing that I would never set a fin in the cold Irish waters…I ended up trying and haven’t stopped since. In the past few years my drysuit has been one of my most worn outfits! A few years ago, I combined my passion for photography with my addiction to Scuba Diving. I am a CMAS certified diving instructor and I have recently started to help manage our local Irish underwater Photography group, with some very experienced and accomplished underwater photographers.

Why chose Easydive

I approached Easydive about two years ago, intrigued by the idea of a universal underwater housing that would allow me to upgrade and/or use different camera bodies with minimal cost and virtually zero changes to my setup. After asking thousands of questions I felt confident that this was the right housing for me and pulled the trigger on a Leo 3. I become then part of the Easydive community, helping to promote this great range of “Made in Italy” products amongst my fellow underwater photographers. I immediately found Leo’s ergonomics astounding and very easy to use while diving. All the buttons are where they should be, they are the right size and easy to reach without losing grip of the housing. There is a large choice of ports and domes for all the lenses that you may need (and more) for optimal quality shots. Leo looks great – always a plus – has excellent build quality, which made me certain I chose the right gear for diving in our Northern Atlantic waters.

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