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ITALY Renata Romeo


I was born in Milan and graduated in Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano. The trips with my parents as a child have fueled my passion for the sea and its wonders and led me to become MSDT Padi and to obtain a boating license. My immense desire to relive the memories of my dives brought me closer to underwater photography. Today I photograph the Red Sea with great enthusiasm, where I have lived for over 10 years, and I collaborate with some Diving Centers in Sharm El Sheikh, I also had the opportunity to carry out works for some clothing, jewelery and diving equipment brands.

Why chose Easydive

I met Fabio, his staff and Easydive products years ago, and it was "love at first sight". The fundamental thing for me, that I work abroad, is to have a valid assistance and to be able to change body without having to change my suitcase every time. With Fabio and Leo3 I have everything I need besides the robustness and safety of the product.

Prodotti utilizzati
-14% Easydive
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DIVESHOT UW Gehäuse für Smartphones

483,61 € + MwSt 565,56 € + MwSt 590,00 € MwSt Inkl. 689,98 € MwSt Inkl.
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LEO 3 – Universelles UW Gehäuse

2.450,82 € + MwSt 2.990,00 € MwSt Inkl.
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Gelatin Support Kit - Revolution 5000

48,36 € + MwSt 59,00 € MwSt Inkl.


Smartphone Android
Sony Xperia
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