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ITALY Massimo Boyer


SCUBA Diver and underwater photographer since 1982, actually I am managing and editorial director of the magazine Scubazone, as well as editor of scubaportal.it and of various social pages. I have a graduation in biology, a PhD in marine sciences, and cooperate in educational programs with the Universities of Le Marche, Milano Bicocca and Genoa. In this last I am free lance lecturer in UW Photography. I authored 4 books and over 500 articles on scientific journals and of underwater magazines and websites. I am travel agent specialised in underwater naturalistic expeditions.

Why chose Easydive

I started as an Easydiveman in 2015. My beginning as UW Photographer was obviously with an analogic system, only after the new millennium and the digital revolution I joined Fabio’s project with a Leo3 for my Nikon. I started with a D90, changed with a D7100 and later a D7500, always keeping the same housing! In 2019 the change in my digital approach: now I am the satisfied owner of a Leo3 wi housing the full fraame mirrorless Sony α7 III, with lenses 90 Macro, zoom 12-24 mm and... a personal solution for the wide angle close up. Follow me to know about my progress. To all UW photographers, in my opinion the housings Leo3 and Leo3wi are the only really universal solution, with full electronic control. It is like to grab the future.

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LEO 3 Wi UW Gehäuse für Mirrorless Kameras

1.877,05 € + MwSt 2.122,95 € + MwSt 2.290,00 € MwSt Inkl. 2.590,00 € MwSt Inkl.
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LEO 3 – Universelles UW Gehäuse

2.122,95 € + MwSt 2.450,82 € + MwSt 2.590,00 € MwSt Inkl. 2.990,00 € MwSt Inkl.


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