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ITALY Rino Sgorbani


This award is given to people who stand out in transmitting their passion

for the Sea through communication, photography and video.

Class 1951. In the seventies he began to go underwater and as so many began attracted from underwater fishing... the first mask, the first fins, the first rifle and so begins what will become in the years to come an adventure for life.

During his career as a diver, he has immersed himself in almost all the seas of the world, making photographic and documentary reportages in the most beautiful places near and far, among which he includes:

Corsica, Red Sea, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Tasmania, Coco Island, Malpelo, South Africa, Lower California, Caribbean, Polynesia, Guadalupe, Malta, Yucatan Cenotes in Mexico, Lake Lecco, Grotta Giusti, Albenga Amphorae, Truk Lagoon Micronesia, Museum of Underwater Statues of Cancun, deep diving on wrecks: Haven Arenzano (80m), U-Boot 455 Camogli (120m), Airplane FW58 Lake Bourget France (110m), Freienfels Gorgona (137m)

Sgorbani has been collaborating for many years as a freelancer with magazines: SUB, AQVA, SUBAQVA , Agenzia CATERS, TELEROMAGNA

Why chose Easydive

Easydive is a company that takes care of its customers, direct contact with Fabio and the guys who work with him, is essential for those like me who work in this sector. I also think that the possibility of changing cameras while maintaining the same housing is an incredible feature that only Easydive housings can guarantee. What to say, the best in every respect.

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