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ITALY Andrea Mescalchin


The strong passion for underwater activities has always been accompanied by that for photography and video, it is from the early 90s that I make underwater videos and in 1997 with my brother Matteo I founded Digital Movie.it. Therefore, for more than 20 years I have been working as a camera professional and I can say that I have collected several experiences around the world and in the most varied diving conditions. For some years now, I have further extended the operating range in water, thanks to the use of the rebreather and hand in hand I have also increased the shooting skills in technical and extreme diving conditions. Published on the digitalmovie.it site, many of our land and underwater works are visible, the last of which was the publication of the video on the visit to the twin wreck of the Titanic the Britannic, -120m deep in the Aegean Sea in shipping conditions.

Why chose Easydive

As professional, always up-to-date with the latest market possibilities, I find the basic feature of Easydive to produce housing compatible with many cameras with a simple firmware upgrade, is really the top. Using them for work I am often struggling with urgencies and with the need for assistance and customization, for me this is an important aspect and even on this the personal relationship that exists with the easydive staff has always made me positively amaze for how we have always reacted in a short time and with maximum collaboration. Last but not least, they create housings that I have taken in extreme conditions, both environmental and deep, always with a high degree of reliability.

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Carcasa GoPro Hero

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Nuevo - Revolution 20000

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Sony Xperia
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