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Diveshot Pro

Application for Diveshot Universal Housing for Smartphone Android

Diveshot Pro

Photographing and Filming underwater with your Smartphone ?! Download this App on your smartphone, turn on Bluetooth and begin pairing with your Diveshot.

With the App you can:

Make your Housing Diveshot Compatible with your smartphone

This application is compatible with many models of smartphones, so you can use Diveshot with many models. Download this app on another phone and with Diveshot your are just ready do use it.

You can use 2 or more Smartphone with a only one Diveshot.

Use the Advanced Functions setting

It's possible to adjust manually the following parameters *: Shutter Speed, ISO, HDR, White Balance, Focus Automatic or Manual. Just like a real camera. And if you do not want to set all of these parameters, you can use the camera in Auto Mode.

* The settings can vary depending on the smartphone model used.

Choose from Photos or Video Mode with a Touch

Just cover a sensor to switch between photo and video modes, and vice versa. Each mode has separate manual adjustments, in order to make it easier to use your Smartphone at every juncture.

Use the Secondary Camera (Selfies Mode)

Ever considered yourself a Selfies Underwater? Diveshot can do this by checking the shot from your smartphone monitor. You can also record video with the secondary camera, and be both director and star of your movie.

Set the Energy Save Mode

With one touch you can put in Standby the Smartphone, turning off the camera and saving energy. To reactivate the App again just touch the Power Save sensor.

The Diveshot Housing, is a universal housing with a Lifetime warranty, until the depth of -60 meters underwater. Communicates with your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, and through the integrated control panel (with the new optical sensor), allows you to use the application without using the touch screen of the phone The considerable size of the Smartphone LCD, allow an incredible framing control while diving.



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