Why Easydive

Why Easydive?

Ten good reasons to choose Easydive

  • Easydive Warranty

    We are the only company in the market to provide a lifetime warranty on all our housings, renewable every year.

  • Direct Sales

    The sale of our products are directly to the customer, without intermediates or dealers: this allows us to offer high quality products at very competitive prices.

  • Ever lasting housings

    If you change your camera, no problem: the housings are adaptable to the new equipment.

  • Simplicity and Strength

    Double o-ring seals are at all points in contact with water, electronic controls suitable for all cameras on the market, highest quality materials and workmanship, equipment tested up to 250 meters.

  • Customization

    We produce, on request, any necessary changes to adapt our equipment to satisfy your specific needs.

  • After sale support

    Easydive guarantees all customers our service and technical support to get the best equipment for all your needs. Visit our website or our laboratory in Montaletto di Cervia. Feel free to call us with Skype and write us on our Facebook Page. We will always answer your questions and be happy to help!

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Within one week of receiving our products, you can return them and be fully refunded.

  • Research and Innovation

    We are industry leaders because we are constantly researching and investing in new materials, technologies and solutions.

  • Courses and Workshops

    Easydive constantly courses and workshops page carried out by professionals who from many years works with us.

  • Direct contact

    We keep in touch and update you about all news and events related to the field of underwater video and photography. You can consult the online catalogue of our products and have unlimited access to an archive of information and materials.