FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

The centering of the Camera or Camcorder is guaranteed even with a Universal Housing?
Of course, if that were not so, the quality of the pictures would be greatly compromised. For this reason, we create dedicated bases for each machine body. This guarantees, in addition to software recognition, the perfect centering of the lenses within the portholes.
Can the Leo3 Series and Leo II Housing May Be Delayed by Using Remote Shoot?
Our Housing can not have a delay of shutter release, also using an electronic remote control. We use original cables that guarantee the same feedback of the camera shutter button.
Do you have a reseller in my area?
Easydive does not use resellers to distribute their products. All equipment is produced, sold, controlled and guaranteed exclusively and directly by Easydive. Every customer receives a dedicated service at every stage of the business relationship.
How can I buy your products?
You can order directly from our site, just a few clicks. Or send us an email to info@easydive.it.
What are the shipping rates and delivery times?
Delivery times are various according to the requirements. The housing are all ready for delivery. Delivery times from the order are about 10-14 days (for all check and pressure test). You can ask us a quote at info@easydive.it by specifying your camera or camcorder model and we will provide you with a detailed document with the options available and the prices. For all other purchases on our site, delivery times are 24-48 hours. Delivery costs are free for shipment to Italy, while abroad the fare varies from the place of destination and the value of the goods (eg under EUR 300, to the EU, EUR 15, above 300 euros, towards the EU, 30 euros.) Contact us to receive a quote for shipping costs (Extra EU).
What are the payment methods?
Payment methods are Paypal or Credit Card. Alternatively you can make payment by bank transfer.
Which DSLR or Mirrorless cameras can I use with Leo housings?
Click Here and select your camera model. You will find out which Leo Housing are Compatible. Consider, however, that we can customize the housings and adapt them to all digital device.
What type of Lens can I use with Housings Leo?
Easydive produces different types of portholes suitable for any type of lens. Spherical Domes of various dimensions (from 95 mm to 240 mm in diameter), suitable for wide-angle lenses, and flat ports for Macro lens. We also have Extensions of 15, 30 and 40 mm in length to ensure the correct lens distance to the dome.
Can I use zoom lenses with the Leo Housings?
The Leo housings already has the standard for zoom lens adjustment: just buy the adapter ring to be applied to the lens (some wide-angle zoom lenses require the Extension 40 Zoom).
Can I use a flash with a Leo Housing?
The Leo 3 and Leo 3 Plus Housings have 2 NIKONOS 5 pin standard connectors. The Leo 3 Wi and Leo II Housing have 1 Nikonos 5 pin connector. The Leo3 Series Housings also have the adapter of using 2 fiber optic cables. Using these connectors, you can use the flash in iTTL (NIKON) or manual (NIKON and CANON). To use CANON flashes in eTTL, an optional S6 connector is required.
Can I use my portholes with Leo Housings?
The Housings Leo have a front bayonet mount compatible only with Underwater (Igloo) porthole. Various ports, Seacam and Subal, can be used by purchasing an optional adapter.