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ITALY Franco Tulli


My desire, as a child, was to become an astronaut to go to the moon and space. I didn't realize this dream, but I saw in diving the possibility of realizing a part of it: visiting the bottom of the sea and the oceans.So in the early 90s, I began to discover this magnificent new world, not with a space suit, but with fins, mask and tanks.This passion has led me to visit many of the most famous and remote paradises in the world (Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Sudan, Arabia, South Africa, Papua, Micronesia, Peru, Mexico, ) to try to capture, through the lens, the wonders of the underwater world enticing people to love, respect and explore it ! have collaborated and collaborate with several companies in the field, including the prestigious National Geographic and many of my photos have been published in international magazines of underwater photography and nature (Unterwasser, Asian Geographic, Asian Diver, Scubashooters) and exhibited, among other locations,a in New York at the ONU and the headquarters of the BPA in Milan. Over the years I have received many awards through the most important international photography awards, including recently at one of the most famous contest "World Shootout", "Images of Asia", Voice of the Ocean, the Marine World Festival of "Galathea" and the prestigious American magazine "Scuba Diving".

Why chose Easydive

I have been using Easydive housings for several years. Some time ago I replaced the Leo II with the latest product Leo III: fantastic case that allows me to switch, with a simple change of electronics, between the full frame Canon 5D Mark IV and the APS-C Canon 7D Mark II. So I can make the most of, depending on the occasion, the wide range of lenses in my possession: from 60mm Macro for the 7D to 100mm Macro for the 5D, from the fisheye Tokina to the Canon 8-15. This flexibility combined with the constant assistance and availability of Fabio Benvenuti and his staff, makes me fully satisfied, in every situation of use.

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