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Informations about Leo II Pro

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Montaletto di Cervia (RA) 48015 ITALY

Phone: +39 0544 962923

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Leo II PRO housing

Material: anticorodal alluminium
Deep test: - 100 meters
Port attack: bayonet system
Controls: right, left panel and focus gear
Flash connector: 1 Nikonos 5-6 pins
Back: 3 stanstainless steel fastenings

PDF documentation:

Dome ports chart:download PDF file
Leo II Pro
Leo II Pro with flat port Leo II Pro with flat port Leo II Pro - Back Leo II Pro


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Design, functionality and versatility are the main features of the new housing Leo dedicated to digital SLRs.
Thanks to the USB Control Panel all major controls are remote, avoiding the need to build custom mechanical buttons. You can use the same housing if you buy a new camera. With the inner slide being fully customizable, the ability to quickly change the front porthole and use different types of objectives, special nuts and gears, the total water-proof security (double O-ring in all inputs of water), Leo is the best housing for SLR cameras currently on the market!

Leo Pro was created to meet the competitive needs of professionals and is the most complete version, offering all the advantages of the standard Leo and a special rear panel with 10/12 mechanical controls, dual Nikonos Flash 5pin connector and a window for displaying data (if available).

Not only photo
The revolutionary innovation that makes Leo unique is that Easydive can provide a kit with a second control panel in order to manage the camera and a slide dedicated to fix it, so it can be used for shooting in video mode too! To record you can either use the optical viewfinder, a back video or an external 16:9 monitor with a quick-fit connector.

Technical Specifications

• 8 mm thick marine grade aluminium housing.
• Ergonomic handles
• Double bayonet attack for flash lights on each handle.
• Large screen 6mm thick in polycarbonate.
• Three stainless steel fastenings.
• Flash connector Standard Nikonos 5/6pin.
• Gear for adjusting zoom lenses.

• Height: 177 mm.
• Width with handles: 340 mm.
• Length: 120 mm.
• Port Diameter: Ψ 105mm.

Standard controls:
• Shutter priority +/-
• Diaphgram priority +/-
• Preshutter Release
• Shutter Release
• Iso +/-
• Mode
• Exposure compensation.
Left panel optionals controls:
• change point of focus up
• change point of focus down
• change point of focus left
• change point of focus uright
• Flash EV compensation +
• Flash EV compensation +
More or different controls on request

Width and Depth:
• Weight: 2,8 Kg.
• Max operating depth: 100 metres (Deep Dive Test up to 200 metres on demand).

Easydive offers a lifetime warranty on all its housings!

LEO II - Canon startup

LEO II - Canon foto

LEO II - Canon video