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Via dell'Industria, 13 int. 6
Montaletto di Cervia (RA) 48015 ITALY

Phone: +39 0544 962923

Fax: +39 0544 1935091
Modile: + 39 338 9994219

Arms and Floats

Material: carbon and alluminium
Deep test: - 100 meters

Data sheet: download PDF file

Easy Float carbon 75 with universal adaptator
Easy Float mounted under the housing Buoyancy Unit Easy Float is customizable according to the weight of the equipment Buoyancy Unit Easy Float is customizable according to the weight of the equipment Spheric Grip with Black Moon

Through different combinations of arms and buoyancy units there is no limit to the range of possible adjustments. On demand we design and customize new systems to suit your needs.
Easy Carbon
These new supports for flash and lights are made entirely of carbon fiber and represent the best solution in terms of elongation and tensile compression. The tubes do not conduct static electricity and the carbon texture enhances the appearance of it. All arms are floating. The system is made from a friction joint construction with o-rings. A friction lining clamps the aluminum balls in position. With the locking screw, an adjustable tilt lever, you can determine the tightness from soft to tight continuously.
There are four models: Easycarbon 18, Easycarbon 24, EasyFloatcarbon 32, Easycarbon 34 (numbers are the length in centimeters).

Easy Float Carbon 32
An innovative system, lightweight yet robust and tested to 100 meters. It offers a positive buoyancy of approx. 800 grams. By using this float you ease the housing at the top, getting a perfect trim and a good balance. Easy Float Carbon can be mounted on any housing and through the ball with o-ring friction can quickly adjust the position of the beacons.

Easy Float
Easy Float gives the whole equipment a neutral trim in the water thus greatly increasing its ease of handling and, as consequence, the quality of filming. It is made of high density, incompressible material providing the same buoyancy at any depth.
The standard compensation float is made of a customized sized plate fastened to the housing under the battery packs by means of strips.
Easy Flot has a compensation of 3 kg in water.
We also offer the raw plates you can cut and adjust to suit your needs. By removing one or more plates it is possible to adjust in the water the balancing of the equipment from neutral to more or less negative.

Standard support
The Standard Support is recommended for those who want to use lights with integrated battery packs from other manufacturers. The arms consist of Delrin (POM) which has a strong grip and strength. At the end there is a universal support for strobes and illuminators, fastened with two plastic jaws. You can adjust the beam up to 360░.

Flexible support
The adjustable ball joint extension arm allows for an easy 360 degree rotation of the light beam. It is designed for Apollo and Black Moon (where the battery pack is fitted underneath the housing to improve its balance). We do not recommend it for lighting systems with an embedded battery pack as the whole unit would then become just too heavy. The standard height is 27 cm from the bracket to swing support behind the torch, but it can be implemented on request.
Spheric grip
Spheric Grip is a good compromise between speed control and stability of the illuminator. It is an anodized aluminum wing with ball terminals, fixed on one side to the bracket tilt and on the other to the illuminator,
Through a special support it allows a quick adjustment of illuminators with 70/80 mm diameter.

Battery Pack Support
Battery Pack Support is a PVC plate mounted under the housing and used to hook battery packs with 70-80 mm diameter.